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Every Sunday afternoon at approximately 2pm - until 9pm there are 5 bands/soloists performing for the ColoradoRock Music Show and we want you too, and all of your friends, and their friends to join us, AND you're all invited to participate - GET YOUR MUG ON TV!!!  No cover - FREE! Show your local musicians some love!  Where?  Jammin' Joe's!

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Jammin' Joe's is home to Coloradorock
9262 W.  58th Ave., Arvada, CO 80002
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Coloradorock's History

"Innervision" performers -  
full half hour episodes, and photos
Produced and Directed by Dan Byars *

Coloradorock Fox 2006 TV show performers

Coloradorock Fox 2012 TV show performers

 Eck's, Pink E's Performers Andolini's performers

 Jammin' Joe's Performers     Band Schedule

* You can still see Innervision everyday on Denver Comcast         channels 56 & 57.


ColoradoRock is back with a new television show all in High Definition that was broadcast in 2012 every Saturday night on Fox31 at 2 am (after the bars close). We have been recording, mixing, mastering and editing our high definition video, preparing it for broadcast to the masses. Our goal is to expose deserving artists to television viewers who otherwise would not have a chance to hear the numerous talented musicians that live and perform in Colorado.  We are looking for bands who would like to be on television performing their own original songs.  If you are in a band or soloist or you know of a musician that would like to be on TV sign up here.


Colorado is home to a very unique independent production company. Coloradorock is one of the only video production companies in the world that focuses on recording LIVE BANDS. Because of this focus, we are the most experienced and best equipped LIVE BAND video production company in the world. Coloradorock has recorded live bands 4 - 7 nights a week for the last 10 years which has resulted in over five thousand sessions with over 3500 bands.

If you've ever tried to get a quote from a production company then you know that making a quality High Definition band video usually costs tens of thousands of dollars.

 Most production companies charge thousands of dollars for the shoot alone then thousands more to edit into a finished product

Home computers are now fast enough for bands to edit and mix themselves saving big money while giving artists full control. 

Coloradorock specializes in creating raw footage and multi track audio of live bands that can then be mixed and blended with any type of electronic media to create spectacular unique video that looks like you spent the big bucks. 

Coloradorock is an ongoing long term project to document the outstanding talent in Colorado by gathering footage of every band in the state. We offer an opportunity that is usually cost prohibitive to most bands by providing High Definition video and audio services at a fraction of the expense.  Our goal is to expose as many Colorado bands to television and internet viewers with professional video that will make your band look and sound its best. 

Dan Byars


Here's what actual customers have to say about our services.

David wrote: "Here's the real deal... This is 'hands down' the best bang for the buck in town for video and audio production. You can get Top Quality promo for a very reasonable price. If you are serious about having a successful band, you WILL need excellent DVD's. Anything less is pretty much a waste of time. And these are HD, so the quality is SUPERB. I will vouch for these guys. They bring the goods. A 'must have', if you're serious about being successful. No, they didn't give me anything for endorsing them. I had to pay for it, just like everyone else. The good news is... IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. We have gotten better gigs as a result of this. What a GREAT service! To see what quality can be accomplished go to Hot Posse 1

David Webb, Hot Posse 

Dan Byars noted that KUSA channel 9 in Denver, stated that Hot Posse has been voted best band in Colorado for several years! 

I just wanted to say how thrilled we were with our experience at Smokin' Joe's last Saturday Night. The staff couldn't have been nicer or more professional, the Audio/Video Crew were first rate, it was the best experience I have had in a show situation since the 70's. The food was great too. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with true professionals, and we look forward to playing there again in the future.

Thanks again to all involved, you guys ROCK!


We had the honor of being on the Jammin' Joe's stage on Sunday, November 13th to provide music for our Hula-Hooping friend's hula contest and party. We were overwhelmingly impressed with the venue and the ColoradoRock technical team. Boy, do we wanna come back!!

Wayne Fennimore

Midnight Flyer

"Coloradorock captures artists both visually and sonically in a common environment to give them wide exposure otherwise never possible before. There is nobody else that we know of that does what they do!! and best of all, IT IS FUN!!!"  
Standing on the X

I just wanted to say that you and the crew you had working last night were incredible! From helping us get set up on stage and making the adjustments for near perfection "on stage" to the actual recording and playing the video on the screens in the club. Also for taking the time to give us a tour of the studio and explaining all the options for what kind of finished product we could expect and purchase. Your offering is nothing less than professional from start to finish. I also wanted to say that the guys out front made every effort to make sure we had what we needed to play at the level that we were looking for.

We are proudly telling other musicians about the service you are providing and what an awesome time we had. We are looking forward to seeing the finished recording!

Thank You

Mark Phipps
Bass player

Just wanted to write and thank you for letting Big Heater play for the Coloradorock TV show. You are providing a great service for bands in the area.  Big Heater appreciated all the effort of your crew last night.  It is a welcomed change in attitude after the way we have been treated by some clubs who didn't know the meaning of professionalism. Thanks again.

"thanks to you and the crew up there we finally got the video on VHS and watched it last night.  It was incredible. Thanks from us @ Big Heater. We've tried to tell some local bands here of your service but now we actually have something to show them."  

Man, we were blown away by the amazing PA/Video/Staging that Dan and Co. have set up over!  With all that great video gear I knew it would look cool but I was really pumped to hear how good the audio turned out...Great job!  U Call That Art!

Thanks again for including us in your TV show, it was a blast.  The deep pocket three

Hey Danny,

This is Dan Shuford the drummer from Carey Hallett’s band BLACK.  First off I want to thank you for the work you have done on our audio/video takes.  I have shown them to several musician friends and all have been impressed with both audio and video quality.  Muchos Gracious!  

Hi, Judy and Dan and all the crew at Coloradorock!

Thank you, so much for the opportunity of playing and working with you all.  Your hospitality and support are awesome.  I’ve not had many opportunities to work with such talented and creative people.  Even though I threw you all a few curves with my setup, your expertise and knowledge created an amazing video and sound from the chaos.  Everyone is still buzzing about the show and loved it. 

Please say Hi to Cody, Glen, Bob, Jimmy, and everyone else. 

With warm regards,

Chocky Kay

Jennifer West 
Steam has provided me with the best opportunity of my music career. As a local artist, the exposure afforded by the television broadcast is absolutely priceless, and the quality sound and lighting provided by Dan Byars Multimedia was astounding. 

The Reverend (The Red Church)
Reynaldo Alvarado

Coloradorock is the launching pad for the musical talent that is brewing on the Front Range of the Rockies. It was very gratifying to work with such a professional group of people; I know that the exposure my music will get through Coloradorock will be essential to my success.

Beto Hale rocks...Judy and the guys are doing more for the original rock scene in Denver than any team I've ever run across...their production encompasses excellent audio and visual prowess, very professional in all have this team promoting original unsigned bands in the Denver area is a blessing. The Denver original music scene is notoriously sluggish, but it will take off, and when it does, will be directly responsible for that launch!!

Eric Frazee (Powder Munki)

"I had a great time working with Coloradorock. They were totally professional, and working with them allowed me, an "indie artist" to have a polished EPK. Thanks guys!!" 

Steve Glotzer 

Six String Records 

It was nice to finally meet you in person last night.  We were really impressed by the professional quality of what was going on with the video tapings. We had heard such fun things about it, and they were all true. And your crew is so nice! Looks like everyone’s been really working hard to make it what it is. Thank you for showing us around.
Lisa Keller 
Gravity Struck

"Thanks for having all of us play last week. It was great to play in such a nice venue w/ such nice and helpful people, sound, lights, etc...
Ann O'Brien

We came by and looked at your setup -- it's fantastic!

Das Barrachos

We appreciate all the help and support that has given us.
Dave Moll
Alan Greenspan Project

"I want to thank you again for the video, it has been very helpful to our band.  Of the 11 years I have been in the music field, offers an excellent service to all bands.  Through video recording, bands get to see their stage performance, and hear how they sound live.  This recording is not only a tool of promotions and exposure, but also to self growth and improvement to the band.  I recommend all bands who are ready to take the next step of self evaluating, and self promoting to do this.  Nothing but experience can come from playing with you and  Your staff are a great people to work with. I thank you for the help you offer in building and assisting the music scene of Colorado."

In kind regards

Rob Klein
Manager of the band Stratus

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was playing Andolini's last night. All of us in BODRAGAZ had a great time opening the show for our friends in Randal.

Playing a bar for the first time can be a trying experience, but we were all thrilled with Andolini's, it's staff, the treatment we received, and of course the sound, lighting, and video provided. That was one of the best times we've had playing a bar, ever. We hope to be able to return and headline on another weekend very soon, and will be be sure to concentrate heavily on promoting the gig to pack the house, and take more advantage of the sound mastering and video services available to us to make a top-quality BODRAGAZ video!

Nice meeting you Judy, we hope to be back soon!

And Brother Rob: Great job last night, THANK YOU!

Mike Taft

Drummer of Bodragaz


Our Control Room (above)

Here we are at FOX 31 ingesting our show into their brand new all digital system.

Coloradorock utilizes the latest technologies to capture live footage in the 1080HD format using 4 Canon HD cameras plugged into an Edirol V-440 High Definition switcher which is then output to a Mac Pro Dual Quad running Final Cut Pro.  In order to properly record bands live in front of a crowd, it takes several mixes. Coloradorock at Jammin' Joe's is the only place in Colorado equipped specifically for video taping live music in front of an audience. Six separate powerful stage mixes ensure that every performer can hear themselves with ease. Four individual front of house mixes are used to disperse sound to the audience.  Next, every audio channel is split using a Whirlwind 24 x 24 x 24 Jensen isolated splitter to insure pristine audio signal to our control room.


FinalCutScreenShot2.JPG (1125069 bytes)

.Final Cut Pro

In our control room, as the Hi-Def camera's are being switched by our video mix engineer, our audio mix engineer is completing 2 independently separate tasks: 


#1 24 track recording.  All instruments, drums and vocals are recorded separately as high quality 16 bit up to 32 bit .wav files that can be mixed later at another recording studio or with any home computer.  Each track is recorded dry with no effects or equalization in order to keep all options open for the mix engineer.  Bands can also add new tracks for a fuller sound or re-record any instrument or vocal parts that might need to be replaced (punched in).  After the perfect mix is achieved, this mix can then be resynchronized with the Hi Def or Standard Video.  If you would like to mix these tracks yourself of have them mixed at another studio please let us know in advance to specify your preferred Bit/Sample rate.


StudioOneSampleScreenShot.JPG (1451170 bytes)

.Studio One

These audio tracks can be used with all Digital Audio Workstation "DAW" software including Cubase, Cakewalk, Sonar, Garage Band, Acid and many more. these tracks can be purchased separately from the video for only $100 per 45 minute set.


#2 Real time stereo (2 track left & right) audio.  This is the audio that comes on the DVD's and Blu-Ray discs.   This is super high-quality (24 bit) audio but it can not be remixed after it is recorded.  Before Coloradorock had multitrack capabilities this is the way we recorded every band for our standard definition television shows.  This two track audio is a very economical high quality solution for those on a budget. 


Standard Definition Video with 2 track stereo audio $150 per set.


High Definition Video with 2 track stereo audio $250 per set. Please bring High capacity Hard Drive if you'd like the optional files for editing ( minimum 250 gigs audio and video files per set ).


These prices are for raw audio and video data and does not include editing


Raw footage needs to be edited to become a desirable product.  Just like in Hollywood, it takes more than actors, lights and a camera to make a great movie. Most scenes are shot dozens of times to get exactly what they are going for, then thousands of hours are spent reviewing and fine tuning every scene (both audio & video) until all footage is ready to be assembled into final product. Every TV show video and movie needs every step of this production process to become a presentable commercially viable video presentation. 



Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video footage, special effects and sound recordings into competed video product.

You can edit yourself with free software on your computer already like  Apple's iMovie and Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker.

Or use high end editing software like  Sony Vegas $599.95Avid's Media Composer $2295Apple's Final Cut Pro $999, and Adobe's Premiere $799

Coloradorock charges $25 per hour for Video Editing.



Audio Mixing is the process by which a multitude of recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels, most commonly two-channel stereo. In the process, the source signal's level, frequency content, dynamics and panoramic position are manipulated and effects such as reverb may be added. This practical, aesthetic or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce a mix that is more appealing to listeners. 

You can mix yourself with free software for mixing audio like Studio One Free Podium, and Audacity  and of course there is allot of professional recording software like, Cubase $499,  Studio One Pro $499  Sony Acid Pro $299.95 Adobe Audition $349  Magix Samplitude 11 $499 Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro $99  Cakewalk Sonar X1 $399  Apple Logic Studio $499

Coloradorock charges $25 per hour for Audio Mixing.



Audio Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to final distribution.  It is the art of using corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement in order to improve upon sound translation on all playback systems. 

There is a lot of free software for mastering audio but there is no comparison to the pro software like Peak $1199, Wave Lab $499or Wave Arts $499 .

Coloradorock charges $25 per hour for Audio Mastering



We do not sell disk media ( CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray ) at retail, but we do supply free disks for storing and/or transporting your recorded files. Please bring a High capacity Hard Drive if you'd like to purchase the optional files for editing (minimum 100 gigs or higher for audio and video files per set ).


Our HD studio and stage is also for rent, $150 per hour. You bring your own engineers but we must charge before the recording takes place

Raw footage from each of our 4 HD camera's is also available for $50 per camera per set. If interested, please let us know before recording begins.


Coloradorock encourages all artists to edit, mix and master their own songs. we would by delighted to display your edited video on our new Coloradorock HD television show. Contact Dan for specifications.  If you would like our editing or off hour studio services we charge $40 per hour with huge discounts for multiple hours.


If you have any questions let us know.  The Coloradorock staff has spent thousands of hours learning and perfecting the work flow for creating live band recordings and we are experts at creating high end +professional video and audio for bands in less time with less money than any other production company in the world.


Coloradorock's videos are a perfect foundation for artists on a budget  that need full creative control to achieve their vision.


Please bring these signed forms with you to your performance: 

1 )  Release Agreement       

2 )  Musician/Song Information. 

Your original music is protected by copyright law.  After recording is made click here to make it official

Want to know more? Have comments? Send us an email or call  303-940-7650 


Coloradorock's History

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Coloradorock offers exciting and rewarding internships for college students who are juniors or seniors at an accredited local college or university. Internships are available in our multimedia department. 
Special thanks to
Ohio Centers for Broadcasting
for providing us with great student interns!

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 Recording Schedule/Show Calendar




  Watch the videos below. Click on a  picture to view each performance.

Rush: Subdivisions -
performed, mastered, and edited by Spirit of Rush

Rush: Limelight - performed by Spirit of Rush.  

Spirit Of Rush and Headband are great examples of what bands can do by editing
mixing and mastering their own video/audio.


Kenny Lee Young

A Falling Out

A View To Forever


Back Porch Romeos - Girl Made Of Glass

Back Porch Romeos Save You

The Bill Wright Band - Tommy's Going Bolin

Blind Curve

Blinker Fluid -  I Wish

Blinker Fluid Live 1

Bloody Mary Morning

Braun Street - Never

Brian Parton

Brian Parton Not Like This

Brian Parton Everything Is In Your Kiss 2

Brothers Of The Son

Brothers Of The Son 2

Bryan Birch



Burnt Lips Babies Calling


Cain Living In Fear

Calvin Standing Bear

Cara Canterella

Colorado Crusers 1

Colorado Crusers 2

Coloradorock Music Show 1

Coloradorock Music Show 3 Final

Coloradorock Music Show 0526

Coloradorock Music Show 0610

Coloradorock Music Show 0602

Coloradorock Music Show 0617

Coloradorock Music Show 0701

Conflict Between

Cory Huber Lane

Damage Control Live Demo

Danny Weinzapfel

Danny Weinzapfel 2

Dark Red Sky 1 WithKenny Wilson And Ty Moyer


The Receders

Thin Ice Band 2

Thin Ice Band 3



Tim Huston Project


Tyler Walker Band


Marlo Narwhal


Morbid Sanctuary

Morbid Sanctuary 2


New Reckless Red Final 2

New Reckless Red Final 3


Pandora Celtica

Reckless Red Live

Reckless Red Live 2


Reckless Red Cadillac Song


Resinatorz - Doin' Time

Sam Villareal

Scooter Barnes

Scooter Barnes And Friends

Scooter Jam 2

Side Effect


Smokin Joes Television Commercial

Social Fuse - Miles Away

SoulTree - Why

Step 13 Deep Thoughts

Suburban Cowboy Noise


The Clods

Too Late

Train Wreckers Live

Train Wreckers - Use Me Up

Dark Red Sky - Let Me Live

Das Borachos

Dino Romanelli

Double Superfine

Double Superfine 3

Double Superfine 4

Double Superfine Too Late

Doug Johns

Down To The Basics - The Braun Street Band

Exit 2

Hot Posse Live At Smokin Joes

Howlin For Mercy

Jaded Poet Show Your Love


Juggernaut 2

Kenny Lee Young Arizona

Khaos Assassin - The Key

The Lee Thomas Band Emerald Blues

Legendary Hitch Hikers - Here Comes My Girl

Loosing Juliet - Liar

Voodoo Sting Ray Buildings On The Moon

1 Seth Taylor Breathe

2 Howlin For Mercy

Mad Dog And The SmokinJs



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